'Our Physical Intentions' Photography by Sonia York-Pryce

'Our Physical Intentions' Photography by Sonia York-Pryce


Anna-Lise Marie Dance aims to connect and engage with people by creating visually stunning and thought-provoking contemporary dance performance experiences, moving audiences to connect deeper with themselves, others and the world around them.

Anna-Lise Marie Dance creates eclectic and visual contemporary collaborative works that challenge, inspire and stimulate the senses. The work is intricate, strong and captivating, and aims to evoke thought and stir emotion in those engaging in the work. Exploring and developing a unique movement vocabulary, and the importance of intention within the movement, are both strong focus points within the work. 

The work is deeply rooted in the collaborative process. They are extremely passionate about collaborating with other creative artists; those working within dance and other areas of the creative industry.

Anna-Lise Marie Dance have been exploring and creating work that gives audiences a unique and powerful experience of seeing performance and movement; such as dance film, dance in non-traditional performance spaces, immersive and site-specific works. They have recently been described as 'pioneers' in their field and aim to continue to leave deep-grooves in the dance world.