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Anna-Lise Marie Dance - Choreographic Reel 2016

Classes, Workshops & Intensives

Anna-Lise Marie Dance offer a wide range of participation opportunities including workshops, dance intensives and classes that can be tailored for all ages and abilities. From schools workshops, youth groups and community dance to workshops for trainee dancers and professional classes, we aim to challenge, engage and inspire every individual we work with, supporting them in their creative development. 

This footage was taken during a five hour company workshop as part of the InBox Programme at Creation Box London in November 2015.

For further information or to book your bespoke experience, get in touch with Anna-Lise at

Thank you to Inês Neto Dos Santos for filming.

Music: Hundred Waters - Cavity (Shinto Remix)

Rehearsal footage for a new video coming soon with choreography by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn.

Featuring dancers Zahra Banzi and Sandra Ohlsson, with direction by Joe Wright.


Featuring the 1st year students of London Studio Centre 2016, as part of Dance Overture 2016.

Dancers: Emily Brown, Clare Cronin, Aimee Dalton, Charis Georgiou, Nicola Ladner, Melanie Little, Evie Mutchell, Jade Oakley, Morven Olson, Zoe Pearson, Phoebe Pullinger, Kennet Robertsen, Hannah White and Jasmine Webb.

Music: "Grounds" & "Birdwoman" by Poppy Ackroyd

Our Physical Intentions

Our Physical Intentions trailer 2015

Promotional video for Our Physical Intentions premiere performance at Resolution! 2015 at The Place.

Behind the scenes teaser for the promotional video for Resolution! 2015 at The Place.

Our 'Meet the Dancers' series...

Meet Lydia Costello...

Meet Eleanor Mackinder...

Meet Laura Boulter...

These video features on the dancers were collected and created during the rehearsal process of Our Physical Intentions, we snuck in and filmed some of the rehearsals themselves and spoke with the dancers about their own individual experiences of working with Anna-Lise Marie Dance on this particular piece.

With special thanks to our designer Inês Neto Dos Santos for assistance with filming and to Rachel Kay and Creation Box London for the studio space.


Inhabited was commissioned by Creative Youth as part of the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston and performed on the 15th, 16th & 17th July 2014.

Peak into the creation of Inhabited...

Rolling Frames

Anna-Lise Marie Dance in collaboration with Garrett & Garrett Videography and Ella Jane Chappell.


Transcend [FILM] is a dance film adaptation of Transcend and created in collaboration with Garrett & Garrett Videography.

Selected footage from Transcend performed at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre as part of Cloud Dance Festival in July 2013.


Youth is a dance film collaboration created with Garrett & Garrett Videography.