Resolution! 2015 is fast approaching and, after some intense rehearsing, it’s been really rewarding to see the piece come together in its entirety in this last week. I’ve been working with Anna-Lise Marie Dance since April 2014 and every new piece we’ve done has come with more depth and more exciting challenges. 

Recently Anna-Lise has been drawing together the sections of the piece to create the structure she has envisioned. Having moved on from the 'ABC chain-reaction' section, we have been exploring other ways to portray the separation between initial thoughts and the physical/emotional reactions to a given situation. Without wanting to give too much away, a new addition which has been an exciting challenge for me recently was the solo Anna-Lise created based around the concept of impulses. The nature of this creates a very unique movement vocabulary, and all the movements in the solo have to appear to be a result of unexplained impulse in the body. The thing that impressed me the most from working on this solo, was the importance of having intention behind the movement. The rehearsal environment created in Anna-Lise Marie Dance and Anna-Lise's approach in creating work, very open minded and encouraging, makes building the intention and feeling of each section something we can all contribute towards.

A snippet of the final section was one of the first things I learnt when Anna-Lise was experimenting with these ideas. To see everything before this moment fall into place has really cemented the piece for me, and I believe it has for the entire company. It’s been very enjoyable creating the last section, as it’s the most challenging physically (we’ve all been comparing bruises) and it’s a nice contrast to what has come previously, get ready for a high energy ending.

We have also heard some of the custom made soundtrack and it’s so motivating for us to be able to form an idea of the gravity and impact we could create performing on the 14th January 2015... Make sure to book your tickets fast!

Laura Boulter, Dancer

Book tickets to see and experience Our Physical Intentions premiere on the 14th January 2015 as part of Resolution! at The Place London. Tickets are £14/ £11 concession, call 020 7121 1100 or visit