Hi! My name is Eleanor and I am one of the dancers currently working with Anna-Lise Marie Dance in Our Physical Intensions.

This piece has a cast of three dancers. Myself along with Laura Boulter and Lydia Costello have worked together on some of Anna-Lise Marie Dance’s previous works namely Rolling Frames and Inhabited, and it is great to be back in the studio together along side Anna-Lise to delve into this new piece and see where this work will take us!

Following the idea of the connection between a situation, interpretation and our emotions/reactions we were asked to think about something that had happened to us that evoked a strong emotional and physical reaction in us. This was written in two different ways; one as if retelling it as a story and the other written in three clear definite stages: the situation, the interpretation and finally your emotional and physical reaction. This starting point enabled us to discover and develop movement, which would reflect this ABC process as described above.

We have been working with the challenge of separating the emotion from the thought and this was particularly difficult. When trying to embody a thought such as ‘was it painful’ or ‘I’ve got to tell other people’, and to develop movement material based on this, the mind almost immediately switches into focusing on the emotion; pain, uncomfortable, stressed, panicked.

It has also been really great to get involved in the other creative aspects of the creation of this work. Recently we had a photoshoot; spending a day on location to create promotional photos and film footage for the piece. We are also going to be creating the sound score for the piece, and last week we recorded our voices and movement sounds to be incorporated into the score.

I look forward to delving further into this complex and mentally challenging piece and I am excited to perform the work at Resolution! on the 14th January 2015 - make sure you SAVE THE DATE!


Eleanor Mackinder, Dancer