It is not long until Anna-Lise Marie Dance perform Our Physical Intentions on stage at The Place, London. I have been working for Anna-lise Hearn since her work Shard 2013, however this new piece has to be the most challenging yet, both emotionally and physically.

When we first began working on this piece, Anna-Lise asked us to delve into memories from the past and draw out thoughts and feelings from a previous situation that we had experienced. This allowed me to latch onto the concept that was being created, and I found myself discovering an area of performance that I had not experimented with before. I have become more aware of the correlations between postural and physical changes in the body and how it makes us feel. It is my role within the piece to interpret those feelings and physicalise them. This was challenging at first, however as the piece has progressed the intentions have become stronger and stronger.

The toughest task for me is being able to recognise the feelings and emotions within each of our individual situations that had been shared within rehearsals. Without group discussion, this task would become impossible. Anna-Lise always encourages a trusting atmosphere that has allowed each dancer to be truthful and gain a full involvement in the piece. It excites me to share this level of personal connection in a piece with such a supportive company and audience.  

During the Christmas period we will be experiencing our first two weeks without rehearsal. I am really interested to see if this helps particular thoughts and intentions settle into the body. We are also expecting to hear the final cut of the accompaniment, which has derived from our individual stories.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Anna-Lise Marie Dance on this extraordinary piece, I believe tickets are selling fast, so make sure you don’t miss this one!

Lydia Costello, Dancer

Book tickets to see and experience Our Physical Intentions premiere on the 14th January 2015 as part of Resolution! at The Place London. Tickets are £14/ £11 concession, call 020 7121 1100 or visit