A few days ago, I sneaked in on an Anna-Lise Marie Dance rehearsal for Our Physical Intentions, carrying a rather heavy bag of techy equipment (as I often do). I was collecting some sounds to later be put into the score for this piece.

I’ve been collaborating with the company and their Artistic Director Anna-Lise for a couple of years, and it’s been such a great journey. Looking back, I see myself growing and learning with every photo shoot, creative meeting, brainstorm, rehearsal. This is a hard working company, with a strong sense of identity and defined set of goals – collaborative experiences are at its core, which resonates immensely with my way of working. 

Working alongside Anna-Lise Marie Dance always means pushing yourself positively, thinking outside the box and trusting everyone around you. All elements in the company bring something relevant to every project or piece, however that may be. Artistic Director Anna-Lise has the ability of bringing everyone’s contributions together into coherent, relevant and exciting experiences, while always being open to (and eager for) feedback. 

And all this comes through in the development of their new piece, Our Physical Intentions. Our recording session was, in itself, a bit of a discovery process for me. I have had experience with sound recording in the past, but only briefly and in different settings – this was a great way to expand that and learn more. We recorded readings and “re-tellings” of the dancers’ personal stories (which worked as part of the foundation for developing the piece), as well as more abstract movement and breathing sounds as the dancers rehearsed. The latter was, for me, the most exciting one – I was awkwardly standing very still around the dancers as they moved, holding a menacing microphone close to their bodies, while simultaneously trying to stay out of the way. But the sounds I was hearing as I recorded were incredible, and beautiful. I felt like closing my eyes, being swayed by these rhythmic sounds of breathing and moving around.

I very much look forward to seeing how these recorded sounds can come together and how they will work with the piece to enhance all of the complex ideas behind it. I am, as always, incredibly excited to be part of this new work!

Inês Neto Dos Santos, Designer


You will soon be able to book tickets to see and experience Our Physical Intentions on the 14th January 2015 at The Place Londonkeep your eyes peeled and visit http://www.theplace.org.uk for future information on how to book.