I recently worked with Anna–Lise Marie Dance on the piece ‘Three’ at Stratford Circus – performances on the 5th September 2015.

I had great fun creating this work with the Company; it was the collaborative process and the speed at which it was produced that really excited me and kept me anticipating the performance. As a company we worked closely with Ania Straczynska who was producing this particular element of Blueprints festival, as well as having guidance from Rosie Whitney - Fish along with Anna-Lise’s choreographic vision. The mix of all these creative professionals helped carry the project brilliantly.

I had previous experience of performing in a site-specific piece (Inhabited 2014) with the company before and knew some of the obstacles we may have to face as performers. I felt particularly at ease with the space however, as it had a fantastic design, structure and an interesting urban yet theatrical setting, thanks to Ania for choosing this location. 

My favourite part of this process was rehearsing in the space throughout the day and having the public stop and take photos. I felt that I had added a spark to their day. Most of all, thank you to all who came to watch and support the performance and thank you to Stratford Circus for making this happen. I am glad the sun was shining and the weather stayed nice for us all. 

Lydia Costello, Dancer