I’ve rarely had the pleasure to work with someone so responsive and aware of a room, with such an open and supportive energy. I expected the teaching itself to be top notch as it of course was, but the good working environment you created is something I rarely come across and when I do I feel it should be acknowledged, so thank you.
— Robin Bailey, Trinity Laban 2017
Thank you for making my time at Laban so Amazing! You are so inspiring and I loved every minute of it.
— Maisie Aveston, Trinity Laban 2017
Your enthusiasm, energy, positive encouragement and attendance to both the whole group and to the individuals was outstanding and very much appreciated. I hope to find myself in a class of yours again sometime!
— Tammy Shadbolt, Trinity Laban 2017
I loved that Anna-Lise gave me a sparkle back. She helped me to bring my movements alive. I found my inspiration to dance again.
— Dance intensive participant
Collective moments at the start and end of each class were a nice touch, partner exercises great for group bonding, choreography constructed and deconstructed brilliantly, beautiful music and energy. Accessible for those with less experience and more challenging exercise options for those with more, thoroughly engaging and enjoyable for everyone!
— Dance intensive participant
I loved the style and found the moment very organic. Anna-Lise offered very good general and personalised corrections to allow improvement. Anna-Lise is so dynamic, she brings an amazing energy into the class.
— Dance intensive participant