Youth was choreographed as an interpretation of the song Youth by Daughter. The piece explores the fragility of five young and very individual females, each of them representing their own pain, struggle and frustrations, and an emptiness that is now what they appear to have been left with. The film is located in the Heygate Estate in Southwark, South London. This estate was once home to 3,000 people and was a sign of 'promising things to come', however the Heygate later developed a reputation for crime, poverty and dilapidation and by the 2000s, the estate had fallen into severe disrepair.

The location represents something that used to be new, promising and hopeful, and is now left broken and empty - this is reflected in the girls and their own individual stories. The abandoned estate reveals a painful contrast between the cracks and the rubble around the ground and the walls, against the young, beautiful yet vulnerable girls. It suggests that where there was once something so pure and beautiful, what is left is now broken. However, the strong, tall building still standing also reflects the strength that still lives within each of the girls that they fight to find.


Collaborators include choreography and concept by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, videography by Michael and Katie Garrett (Garrett & Garrett Videography).