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// Artist Statement

I aim to move people to connect deeper with themselves, others and the world around them through my work; changing the way people think, act and feel about connecting with their mind and body. I am interested in exploring concepts that draw on human emotion, feeling and sensations. I believe dance and movement is a beautiful, creative and limitless language; a powerful way of communicating with ourselves and with each other. I have explored and developed a unique movement vocabulary and I truly value the importance of intention and depth within my work to draw on human connection.

I am passionate about creating work that gives audiences a unique and powerful experience of seeing performance and movement; such as dance film, photography, site-specific and immersive experiences. I create visually stunning and thought-provoking contemporary dance performance and performance art. My movement language is intricate, strong and captivating, and aims to evoke thought and stir emotion in those engaging in the work. My work is deeply rooted in collaboration and working with others; both within the creative industries and in other sectors. I am passionate about infusing creativity, individuality and expression in my work and creating a supportive, inclusive and inspiring environment. I have an open curiosity to the creative process and a deep fascination with the body as a tool for communication and artistic expression. I create contemporary dance works for stage, film, non-traditional performance spaces, site-specific, outdoor, immersive and bespoke experiences, as well as offering a wide range of participation opportunities including workshops, dance intensives, mentorship and classes that can be tailored for all ages and abilities.

I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words
— Ruth St. Denis

// About

Anna-Lise is an award winning choreographer, movement director and dance teacher/facilitator currently based in Berlin

Anna-Lise, half British/half Norwegian, started dancing from a young age. She trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance as well as music, singing and dramatic arts. Anna-Lise was a long standing member of Hampshire Youth Dance Company under the direction of Carrie Whitaker of Lila Dance and later went on to train on the Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) scheme at The Place London, where she trained in ballet, contemporary dance and choreography. During her time on the CAT scheme, she was fortunate to work with dancers from reputable companies such as Richard Alston Dance Company, Random Dance and Henri Oguike Dance Company.

Anna-Lise then went on to train full-time at London Studio Centre, where she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree from University of the Arts London, specialising in contemporary dance with Intoto Dance company under the direction of Sue Booker and Leesa Phillips.

In 2013, Anna-Lise was the youngest choreographer to be programmed into Cloud Dance Festival, and her application received the highest ranking of all the festivals applications from the panel of judges. That year, she was also shortlisted for the Matthew Bourne New Adventures Choreographer Award.

Anna-Lise is a graduate of The Fi.ELD (Future Innovators of East London Dance); a unique initiative to develop the future innovators of dance, equipping them with the skills and resources they need to make their ideas happen.


In 2015, Anna-Lise was invited as a selected artist to share her work and receive mentoring as part of the ‘InBox Programme’ with Creation Box London. InBox was devised so that young emergent choreographers can gain invaluable feedback from a panel of industry professionals who have the knowledge, expertise and information to give constructive feedback that will enhance their work. This concept was conceived by Creative Director Rachel Kay, so that young artistic talent can be given guidance and support in launching their companies and profile. The panel included Donald Hutera, Erin Johnson, Chris Benstead and Kenrick Sandy. Chris Benstead, an internationally-renowned composer, went on to mentor and support Anna-Lise during and beyond her artistic residency at Creation Box London, which concluded with a performance sharing at The Vaults, Waterloo.

In November 2015, Anna-Lise was shortlisted for the 'Inspiring Choreographer Award' as part of the Dance London Inspires Awards!, intended to recognise the individuals that go above and beyond to support the industry.

Alongside her choreographic work, she aims to continue to grow and develop her teaching practice. Anna-Lise leads and facilitates dance and movement for a variety of ages and abilities within professional dance, vocational schools/training for dancers, youth dance and community dance.

I aim to inspire, nurture and challenge each individual in my classes in a fun, creative and open environment.
Where are all the female choreographers? Right here! This lady is mark-making her way and leaving deep grooves in the dance world - great work!
— Sonia York-Pryce, Visual Artist & Photographer