with Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

Anna-Lise Marie Dance offers personalised Artist Coaching specifically intended for those entering into, working in or professionally associated with the creative industries. These are one-to-one coaching sessions with Anna-Lise that can take place either in-person or via Skype. Read more about Anna-Lise’s intentions and aims for Artist Coaching below, or email for more information or to set up an initial introductory session!

About Artist Coaching:

Throughout my own training, development and into my professional career as an artist myself; I have increasingly recognised the need for and value of coaching within the creative arts industries. I have taken on this role within my work as an educator, and have observed the benefit of coaching and mentoring as a valuable and essential means for growth. I aim to facilitate a safe space for artists to share challenges, gain understanding, and work towards developing resilience, self-awareness and building a sustainable career. I see coaching as immensely valuable for those within professional education, those entering into their profession upon graduation, and I believe that professional artists at any point in their career can benefit from the support and space provided from coaching.
— Anna-Lise Marie Hearn

Far from being simply an exercise in seeking and giving advice, effective coaching is a much deeper and richer experience. Within my coaching, as with my teaching, I strive to work with and alongside my clients, working on an individual-needs basis, facilitating and supporting their reflection, their personal, professional and artistic development, and guiding them to discover the depths and scope of their abilities. I aim to create a safe, stimulating environment where a client can identify challenges and pursue their potential. Overall, as a coach, my job is to empower my clients to reflect, discover, take action and make informed decisions to create positive change in their personal, professional and artistic lives.

Artist Coaching is specifically intended for those entering into, working in or professionally associated with the creative industries. It is intended to guide a person to develop a stronger self-awareness, acceptance of existing strengths and challenges, gain an understanding of the impact of others’ and ones’ environment, improve networking, connection and communication, and to help clients make informed decisions in moving forward. This is a personalised process, in which I will aim to foster self-directed learning and the personal growth of the individual; artist and human being.


An initial introductory session is intended for Coach and Client to get to know each other and find out about the client’s current individual needs and wishes for development. If the Client wishes to move forward with a programme of coaching, it is recommended to book a block of either 4 or 8 sessions, to allow for continuous development to take place. The intention for the block of sessions is to focus on progression and the development process. Through regular meetings, Coach and Client are able to set and work towards personal and professional goals, action them and engage in a reflection process.

I also offer individual sessions, which can open up the opportunity to investigate and delve deeply into a topic of the Client’s choice as a “one-off”. It is also possible to book repeatedly on an individual session basis and can be organised between Coach and Client.

  • Initial introductory session

  • Individual sessions

  • 4 session block

  • 8 session block

    Each session will be 55-minutes in length.

For individual pricing, questions and further information, please send me an email to

I look forward to hearing from you!