Inhabited, reveals five women who adopt and inhabit each new space they discover and turn it into their territory, their playground. We have an insight into the way they play, challenge and interact with each other. The piece was originally created for a large delivery yard that comprised of a very exciting tall metal fire escape, as well as other secret spaces that were transformed into alternative and interesting performance areas. This playful and colourful piece entices the audiences eyes to various locations in the given space, having a peak into the way these women live - not as we do.

Anna-Lise Marie Dance were commissioned in June 2014 to create a site-specific dance piece as part of the annual International Youth Arts Festival that takes place in Kingston, London.

The piece was received excellently, many audiences commented on how exciting it was to stumble across something different and eye catching, a performance in an alternative space.

Anna-Lise hopes to develop this work to be performed in other spaces, adapting and inhabiting each new space that they discover, making each performance unique to its own.


Photography by Chantal Guevara



Photography by Chantal Guevara