Delving into the way daily occurrences cause impact on our mental and physical state, Our Physical Intentions explores the process of how our thoughts directly determine and influence our emotions. This cognitive pattern falls into three stages; Situation - interpretation - emotional and physical reaction (ABC).

Our thoughts can create a magnified reflection of themselves in the form of an emotion, the thought feeds energy to the emotion, which in-turn energises the thought, and a vicious cycle builds up. Honing in on the isolation of thought, emotion and sensation, the piece unravels and reveals that by shifting our interpretation we can alter our emotional and physical state. The audience experiences the notion of a busy mind, shifting states of being and an ability to reach a present state.

Collaborators include Inês Neto Dos Santos and an original score composed by Angus Kemp.

Danced stories have traditionally read from the outside to the inner emotions whereas Hearn turns the process inside out: you follow the process to arrive at a story.
— Nicholas Minns, 2015

Perhaps there is something else at work: the nature of Our Physical Intentions is an ‘exploration of how our thoughts directly determine and influence our emotions’ but on a seemingly subcutaneous level. The costumes resemble the patchwork system of the body’s nervous system and the three performers are as much a ‘cognitive pattern’ of thoughts, emotions and reactions as they are flesh and blood.
— Nicholas Minns, 2015


Our Physical Intentions at The Place, London

Photography by Sonia York-Pryce

Our Physical Intentions at The Vaults Waterloo as part of InBox 2015

Stills from a film by Alice Underwood.


Gut-wrenchingly beautiful, so moving, so deep, beautiful movement, so skilfully crafted with the music, lost for words
— Emma Hawthorn, Resolution! 2015
The dancers were superb, sustaining the tension throughout and the soundtrack was fascinating. The costumes were beautiful and had a certain earthy quality to them. This was such an intelligent and fascinating piece it deserves to be developed.
— Christopher Benstead, InBox Sharing 2015
Beautiful minds, beautiful movement, beautiful dancers, beautiful!
— Audience member at Resolution! 2015
The choreography comes into its own in the duets and trios, and a powerful final sequence leaves the audience exposed in the glare of the house lights.
— Philippa Newis, Resolution! 2015
Anna-Lise Marie Hearn’s choreography, effectively communicates with a psychoanalytic awareness, how events impact our mental and physical state.
— Josephine Leask, Resolution! 2015
It really resonated with me on a personal level. I felt the struggles I feel in my own life, understood on stage.
— Audience member at Resolution 2015


Photography by Inês Neto Dos Santos