Transcend is a physically intricate work that explores the notion of movement as a language that can transcend other forms of communication, such as voice. Movement is innate, it is how we communicate and understand each other. When language and cultural differences divide us, a shared understanding of movement bridges the gap and unites us. The piece encapsulates and exposes complex relationships that exists between the dancers, which is expressed through articulate movement and a strong emotional intent that underlines and heightens the movement. 

Relationships, connections and manipulation dominate Transcend by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, the choreography meets the right balance of strength and fluidity

Lines between slow motion and real time are blurred and positions held for but a few moments appear to linger

I have a lot of time for Anna-Lise Marie Dance and will keep my eyes peeled for their work in the future.
— Natalia Okeke - Cloud Dance Festival 2013


Photography by Camilla Greenwell, Stefano Venkatachari, Sonia York-Pryce and Inês Neto Dos Santos.


Photography by Inês Neto Dos Santos.